Why Startups Should Embrace Digital Marketing?}

Submitted by: Sam S Smith

Startups now have an opportunity to compete and draw their share of targeted traffic. They will now have the tools to perform sales and promotions that were previously accessible for large MNCs. All thanks to digital marketing. If you are tight on budget, instead of hiring a digital marketing agency, it is better to learn it yourself from the best digital marketing training institute. This one-time investment will add to your skill set and make you self-sufficient to promote your company online.

Here are some obvious benefits!

1. Targeted interaction and true engagement

Did you see how Kolkata Police recently raised traffic awareness via social media by highlighting Beatles? Be it government bodies or private organization, the magic of online marketing is everywhere. People have understood how using the right message in the right platform and with the right hashtag can reach out to millions in fraction of minutes. However, with so many companies trying to grab customers, it becomes difficult to reach your goal unless you leverage on few technical tools and methods such as Search engine optimization, geo-targeting, Google Adwords, Adsense, traffic analyzing and even a little bit of coding. A digital marketing course in Kolkata will help you master these technicalities to skyrocket your business.

2. Cost Digital marketing wins this one when compared to traditional marketing

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Even expert traditional marketers confess that traditional marketing techniques can never compete with the internets capability to reach out to thousands with just one post. However, traditional media like print and TV supports your digital effort to a great extent, for example, Saavn music app ad on TV. You can interpret and find out strategies adopted by more such start-up companies after you take professional digital marketing training in Kolkata.

Lets calculate the prices now.

Traditional Marketing

TV ads a geo-targeted local ad campaign will cost you around Rs. 25,000.

Newspaper display ad rates for leading Newspapers like TOI charges you around Rs. 3500 per square cm. Hence, a full page ad campaign will cost you around 60 lakhs. Yes, thats huge!

On the other hand, if you have a Facebook profile, a website and a few more social media accounts, you are good to go! You can run campaigns, pause them whenever you wish, edit the message and boost ads with whatever monthly or yearly budget you set. The more your budget, the more audience reach you will get.

Being a startup, you have very limited budget. So, in order to understand how to allocate budget for best result, its advisable to get your hands trained from an experienced digital marketing Institute.

3. Comprehensive tools to keep a track of every activity

Startups, promoting products and services online, analyse the success of the campaign by measuring the conversion rate from the traffic received. Conversion Optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and branding are top priorities for Digital Marketers. With so many tools available in the market, you can easily track metrics such as when to post to get maximum engagement, the reach of hashtag keyword on Twitter and Instagram, competitor analysis, discover relevant keywords, recognize industry influencers, determine from where website traffic is coming, etc. Thus, everything is under your control.

Learn SEO, PPC, SMM, Email and Content Marketing from the best digital marketing training institute.

4. Entice conversation that earns customers trust

Customers mostly believe in products or services that get positive reviews on the internet. We also call them testimonials from a customer who have used or consumed the product/ service. Those who use OLA or Swiggy apps know the importance of ratings, right? Now, coming to innovative ways of enticing conversations – The clever use of call-to-action compels your target audience to hit the buttons that would convert them to buyers. Usually, a digital marketing Institute teaches you optimization of forms, texts, buttons, color schemes and positioning on the page generates favourable actions.

Survival of startup companies in this era means embracing every aspect of digital marketing to reach out to a wider mass in minimum time.

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