What Is So Special Tool Gear Cutting Edge

By Lanbo Jiang

In recent years, with the development of computer numerical control technology, and universal application, gear machine tools, processing technology has also been great development, especially in high precision, large gear processing, there were many new technologies. Such as a new CNC milling machine to replace the hob cutter, high speed, efficient processing of large scale wind power gear, nuclear power gear; new spiral bevel gear machines can process a variety of spiral bevel gear tooth system, expanding machine applicability; use of new cutting tool materials, high speed dry cutting machine to achieve, not only improves the processing efficiency and processing accuracy, but also solve the green problem; used in machine testing and computer compensation techniques to improve machine tool accuracy; machine manipulator configured to achieve automatic clamping workpiece, increase efficiency, and so on.

Gear is used to deliver various types of machinery products in the important power or movement based on parts, common gear type from the structure divided into cylindrical gear and bevel gear, non circular gears from the gear on the divided involute gear, swing gear, arc gear. Gear manufacturing is indeed a specialized field, professional production with the use of special equipment required special tools, this is because the bulk of the gear, the demand for efficient production processing mode formed. From the transmission principle, the ability to achieve movement or power transmission gears a lot, but the actual use of the above mentioned most or some, the reason one hand, because of their good transmission performance, on the other hand can be used special equipment, special tools for their high efficiency, high precision machining is widely used they are an important reason. Therefore, a long time people have been constantly studying all kinds of gear processing machine tools, special tools, special process to meet the industry demand for all kinds of gear.

The traditional gear machine tools, most are based on gear engagement theory, using rolling Qiefa Jia work gear, some processing gear forming method used, the processing tool and processing gear was the main movement relation between the equivalent of a pair of meshing gear, or relationship between the movement rack. Using CNC technology, gear processing machine tools to further improve the efficiency and precision, but the basic processing principle has not changed.Universal 5 axis NC machine tool 5 is used for the processing of complex surface parts. Gear tooth surface is a special class of complex surfaces, in theory, as long as the mathematical model to solve the problem of CNC programming, using 5 axis NC machine tools and 5 spherical milling cutter can be processed into any gear gear tooth surface. Therefore, the 5 axis NC machine 5 new gear in the settlement process on the surface has a special advantage.

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But the gear tooth profile used in the processing, the use of 5 axis NC machine tools and 5 spherical milling cutter with the use of special processing efficiency compared with lower gear cutting machines, especially in the less efficient processing of hardened, precision is not has advantages (not grinding). The so called milling instead of grinding, 5 axis machining 5 linkage precision machine tools to meet the gear requirements (up to 3 precision) point of view, I think that regardless of where the efficiency could be achieved, but does not have universal applicability . 5 5 axis NC machine tools for gear cutting, the main role lies with the new gear tooth surface processing solution, in certain cases play a role; in the processing of used gear tooth, particularly in the mass production of gears, both are processing efficiency, precision, or processing costs, special machine still has a large advantage.

Overall, the manufacturing special equipment and special tools also in constant innovation and development, there is no restriction of the gear manufacturing development and innovation. As Teshu circumstances ?, the existing equipment to meet Yao Qiu Bu Neng, Shi Yong 5 axis NC machine tools and five general tool to Jiejue particular the gear Jia Gong issue, but also brought the modern CNC machine tools Jishufazhan Women’s one kind of convenience, can not and should put It is the role of opposition and gear plane together, it just provides a useful complement. Sui Zhao Di gear technology development, and certainly will continue to be some new gear applications, Ji we propose research and development of new, efficient, high precision gear machining Shebei topics and Ren Wu.

Weihai Huadong CNC Co., Ltd. is working with Germany to develop the production Heath hamilton brighton maximum diameter of 16m large scale processing of CNC gear hobbing machine, rolling machine cut the maximum processing module 40, a single dividing the maximum processing module 60, applies to wind power, nuclear power and new energy with the processing of large gears;Ge Taike with Shenyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. co production of spiral bevel gear pair CNC machining; machine is divided into two kinds of milling and grinding teeth, soft tooth surface diameter of the largest processing as 2m, hardened to 1.6m, the maximum processing modulus up to 30; also the largest independent research and development of the universal machining diameter of 5m, 6.3m, 8m of program controlled and CNC gear hobbing machine; also for the fish line round the industry developed a small module and a few teeth CNC gear hobbing machine, the machine can be achieved axial arc gear machining, precision can reach level 6.

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