Lamp Posts: Street Furniture For Safety And Aesthetic Purposes

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Lamp Posts and their Aesthetic Value

One of the most important and common street furniture found on the streets are the lamp posts. Not only does this thing give the illumination for safety and security for people during the night they also exude beauty to some roads because of their classic designs and styles. In choosing lamp posts, the first thing to consider is the style of the lamp. Some of the common type and styles of lamp posts are the early American, colonial, classic, and contemporary lamps. Certain lamp posts are designed for certain streets. Also some styles will compliment better on pavements, sidewalks, and fences. Lamp posts can contribute in building the atmosphere of a certain street. For example, classic styles can give people the feeling of walking in an old street way back centuries ago.

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After the style the next thing to consider is the type of lamp finish the lamp posts have. There is the forged iron, brass, natural bronze, aluminum, and copper. Even though these coatings are designed to survive the natural elements in the environment such as heat, rain and harsh weather conditions, it is still an advantage to pick which finish can repel these so called natural forces. Most lamp posts are made up of wood and are just painted with wood composites or aluminum finish. Even though lamp posts are usually powered by electricity, there are now new lamp posts that use solar energy.

Tips to follow when Deciding the location for Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are considered night street furniture because their location is crucial for evening use. Their ideal locations are better be near mailbox, the walkways, the end of the driveways, or beside the entrance of a building. Installing too much lamps on a walkway is not advisable because they should be used only to light up the end points of a pathway. Adding multiple light posts is only acceptable when a long stretch of the road needs to be covered with light. In doing this it is important to try to place them spaciously so that they can provide good aesthetic value and can properly blend with their surrounding.

Installation Tips

As for some tips in installing this street furniture, it is said that the best time in adding a lamp post is when a building is just being built in an area. This way, the installations of the electrical line can be facilitated easily. When it comes to installing a post hole normally 2 feet deep is dug directly into the ground to secure the post. However, 3 feet or deeper holes are normally needed especially for regions with colder climates. In digging a hole, it is important to make sure that no electrical lines are hit and that the proper electrical wiring will be used for the installation. Since lamp posts are easy to erect it is not necessary to use concrete to support them but they at least need to be compacted of their soil to keep them in place. Lastly, be sure to use enough length of electrical line that can run the whole length of the post.

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