10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast At Home

By Janine Michaels

Losing weight at home is a big challenge. I mean, you’re literally surrounded by oodles of food choices in supermarkets and restaurants. You’d have to be a hermit in order to avoid being tempted by fat filled snacks, sweets and meals.

So what do you do in order to reach your weight loss goal?

First of all, pick a diet plan that you feel comfortable with and that you are confident you can stick with for the duration. While fad diets promise great results, usually the pounds you lose is very short term.

Here are some easy tips you can follow:

Eat a decent breakfast – Get your body off to a good start in the morning with a healthy breakfast. You can eat a bowl of cereal with some fresh fruit slices, or a cup of yogurt with some wheat toast, etc. In order to burn calories, your body needs food energy, so make sure you eat something early.

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Cut down on carbs – There is lots of discussion about carbs in the diet world. Some diet plans suggest cutting out carbs altogether, but this isn’t a good idea because your body needs carbs for fuel. Instead, reduce your carb intake by cutting way down on white breads and pasta.

Practice portion control – The food portions on your plate should be no bigger than your fist. Resist the temptation to overfill your plate with food. Train yourself to eat one helping only. When eating out, don’t feel you have to eat every drop of food on your plate. Instead, eat your portion and take home the rest.

Drink Enough Water – It’s important to stay hydrated while on a diet. Water is an important source of energy for your body. Water flushes out many toxins and fat molecules. Drinking more water will help reduce your appetite and help you shed pounds.

Get a Good Workout – Commit to exercising at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes. Exercise is one of the fastest ways to build up muscle, which helps create enough energy to burn off that unwanted fat.

Embrace fruits and vegetables – With most diets, you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like. Choose your favorites and include them in your meals every day. This is a healthier way to keep eating while quickly losing weight.

Throw out the junk food – Go through your kitchen cupboards and throw out any tempting snack foods that will derail you from your diet goals. Potato chips, Doritos, cookies, Twinkies, candy bars, and any other empty calorie food stuff. Shed a tear if you want, but ditch it in the trash can.

Eat Slowly – Instead of rushing through your meals, savor each bite and really taste your food. Rushing to finish your plate only makes you wanna go and get seconds, and even, third helpings. You’ll feel a lot more satisfied after your meal when you eat slowly.

Get Plenty of Sleep – Try to get as much sleep as possible. Eight hours of sleep is ideal. The point is, when you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to make bad food choices than when you’re fully rested.

Eat fruit instead of sweets – Replace that donut with an apple. Replace that candy bar with some fresh melon. Every time you would normally have a cookie, piece of cake or other sweet temptation. Grab some fresh fruit instead. You’ll still get that sweet taste, only there won’t be all those fat and calories.

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