Not Everybody Is Suitable For Drinking Tea

Not Everybody Is Suitable for Drinking Tea



Tea’s health-care function comes from a chemical substance called tea polyphenols in the tea. The tea polyphenols has a strong antioxidant and can eliminate free radicals in the body. Green tea has higher content of tea polyphenols, so its antioxidant role is 5 times more than black tea. Therefore, green tea has the health function of preventing atherosclerosis. Green tea is also considered to inhibit cancer cell growth, so tea polyphenols can prevent skin cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, all of whom are caused by chemical substance. In addition, tea has a protective effect on teeth, because the tea can inhibit the activity of glucosyltransferase, thus inhibiting the damage on the tooth from the bacteria. Fluorine contained in the tea also has the function of protecting teeth.

Even tea is good to health, but not everybody can drink tea, according to scientific research, people who has chronic disease are not suitable for drinking tea before the disease is cured completely, otherwise, it affects the treatment effect and adverse to health. Experts list the group who are not suitable for drinking tea.

Constipation patients: tea polyphenols contained in tea has the role of converging gastrointestinal mucosa. It will increase constipation after drinking tea for constipation patients.

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Iron deficiency anemia: tannic acid in the tea can combine with iron from food to form precipitate which is not easily absorbed. Drinking tea will increase anemia.

Neurastheniac: the brain will be excited after drinking tea, which affects sleep and rest, because the caffeine in tea obviously stimulates the cerebral cortex.

Calcium deficiency and patients with fractures should not drink tea. Tea can inhibit calcium absorption of the duodenum, but also lead to calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.

Patients with gastric ulcer are not suitable to drink tea. Tea theophylline will reduce the activity of phosphodiesterase, which make parietal cells secrete a large number of acid, too much acid not only affect the healing of ulcers, but also reduce the acid drug s efficacy. Moreover, even for a healthy person, it is not good to drink fresh tea for long-time because new tea contains a number of adverse materials such as polyphenols, alcohols and aldehydes, which may lead to diarrhea, bloating and other side effects.

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