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If you have had to deal with wet carpet that was wall-to-wall, then we know just how touch this can be. The truth is that if wet carpet is involved, it can never be fun. The process of drying wet carpet can be long and hard. There is no doubt that wet carpet drying can take weeks and this is not good. We tell you this is not good because if you do not dry your wet carpet the right way, mildew could form and the room could start to stink. Wet carpet is never fun to deal with but if you are dealing to wet carpet that is wall-to-wall, then this is a disaster.

The problem of wet carpet that is wall-to-wall is different because of the size. If the wet carpet was only in a little area, in the corner of your room, then this could be a lot easier to take care of. The truth is that wall-to-wall wet carpet is really hard to deal with because this means your entire carpet is wet. Not only is the carpet in your living room wet, but you also have wet carpet in your bedrooms and guestroom. When it comes to wet carpet, you may want to call a rug cleaner. If you do not want to get new carpet because the carpet you have right now is extremely expensive then you still may be able to save it.

When you call the rug cleaner, if he or she is able to pick up the carpet then they may be able to take it to their plant. When the rug cleaner takes your carpet to the plant, they will be able to give it a nice cleaning and then dry it. In many situations, you should keep in mind that the carpet could shrink which would cause the carpet to have to be stretched back into place. If the water did not damage the back on your carpet, then they will use a power stretcher in order to stretch your carpet the right way.

If the carpet is not able to be removed from your home, then there will be a efforts to remove as much of the water as the carpet cleaning company can. The carpet cleaning company will be able to use vacuums. You may not know this, but vacuums are known for removing water from wet carpet. When it comes to vacuuming water out of wet carpet, you will find many companies in the cities from rental companies using this technique. If you are looking to get the water out of your wet carpet, then you could rent hot water extraction units. These units can be rented in different establishments and they are known to have a vacuum on the unit that can take the water out of your wet carpet. If you do not want to rent one of these units, then you could hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Keep in mind that you could be paying more for the carpet cleaning service, but this is a good method to use if you are not able to dry your wet carpet by yourself.

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