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Getting a car loan at the dealership can take hours. You talk to someone, and wait, and talk to someone else, and wait. By the time you can actually drive your car off the lot, youre more exhausted than excited. The internet has car loan solutions for people who want to get their car loan in a quick and painless manner. This article offers tips on how to find an easy car loan online:

Use a Loan Directory Service

A loan directory service is a website that collects information from borrowers and then distributes it to multiple lenders. You fill out basic information — name, address, social security number, income — and then the website matches you to lenders who offer the type of loan youre looking for. You can then browse through the results to find the deal that best suits your needs, and then move on to the lenders website to complete the process. The best part about filling out a loan application online is that you can print out your contract before agreeing to it, and you dont have to read it with a loan officer breathing down your neck.

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Use a Lender That Doesnt Require Proof of Income

If your lender requires proof of income, then youll have to either mail or fax copies of your last two paycheck stubs after you fill out the application. Since this can prolong the application process, choose a lender that doesnt require proof of income. These lenders typically verify your income through your employer, so youll have to provide your employers name, address, and phone number. However, once youve filled out the application online, youre finished. You just have to wait for a decision.

Once youve been approved online, you simply go to the dealership to buy your car. Youll be amazed at how much less time it takes when you dont have to get financing through the dealership.

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