The Benefits Of Coenzyme Q10 For Children With Autism}

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Coenzyme Q10 is one of the many controversial substances attached to autism. This vitamin-like substance works as an antioxidant, which means it has many practical and supplementary uses. Among the approved medical uses of Coenzyme Q10 include:

Treatment for various metabolic disorders. When a particular individual cannot produce sufficient amount of coenzyme, Coenzyme Q10 can be beneficial as a means to supplement the natural enzymes that are not produced.

Coenzyme Q10 is also currently being used as supplement to treat migraine. A research at the National Center for Biotechnology Information proves that Coenzyme Q10 is effective as a means to treat migraine even with a very low dosage.

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Also, Coenzyme Q10 is used to treat cancer, as well as alleviate side effects caused by cancer medications and treatments.

These are only a few of the generally accepted uses of Coenzyme Q10 as a supplement. In terms of using Coenzyme Q10 for autistic individuals, however, the consensus is far from being achieved. Still, many sectors do encourage the use of Coenzyme Q10 as an autism supplement. Why? Because, as mentioned earlier, Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant.

Antioxidants are important substances in the body that prevents free radicals from damaging ones cells and other important organs. Free radicals can be acquired from food intake. When the food is digested, these free radicals are produced. In a healthy persons body, the antioxidants can battle the free radicals to prevent any further damage. However, the same cannot be said for the individuals with autism. These people have an unusually low antioxidant count in their bodies. This condition is inherent among people suffering from the brain development disorder. Without sufficient number of antioxidants, the free radicals are free to damage cells. Unfortunately, brain cells are among the cells that are attacked by these free radicals. To be sure, it has not been determined where this is the cause or an effect of autism. However, the fact remains: without sufficient antioxidants in the body, the free radicals can do damage.

This is where Coenzyme Q10. As a substance that functions as an antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 has the capacity to cancel the effects of free radicals. This means that the body of infected individuals can be free from the harmful effects of these chemicals. To be more precise, Coenzyme Q10 prevents the oxidation of cells. Oxidation, too, is a process that can cause damage. While oxidation can be caused by free radicals, it is a natural process wherein the cells of the body wither or die due to damages. Coenzyme Q10 protects the cells so they can maintain their proper form. Without the free radicals and by preventing or delaying the process of cell oxidation, the bodyspecifically, the brain of a child with autismcan develop further, especially with the help of other supplements.

Coenzyme Q10 can be acquired through autism supplements. Many offer supplements that provide Coenzyme Q10 alone, in order to fully provide the body will all the antioxidants it will need. Of course, Coenzyme Q10 will work better if it works in conjunction with other supplements and treatments. For instance, Coenzyme Q10 is usually taken by those who follow the casein and gluten free diets. In any case, Coenzyme Q10 is a beneficial substance, so one will do no wrong taking this precious substance.

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