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Indoor air quality is a term which is used to refer to quality of air around and with in a structure and building. This is very essential as it is most times related to the comfort and health of the occupants of the building. Indoor air quality is affected by different gases such as radon, carbon monoxide, organic compounds. It is also affected by microbial contaminants, particulates, energy or mass stress or which can trigger adverse or bad health conditions. To improve the Indoor air quality of a building or structure, primary methods such as ventilation to dilute contaminants, filtration and source control to improve the indoor air quality of a building. Routine cleaning of area rugs and carpets also improve the indoor air quality of residential areas.

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In determining the indoor air quality of a building, air samples have to be collected, the human exposure to various pollutants have to be monitored, samples on the surface of the building would be collected and the air that flows into the building would be modeled. Indoor air quality serves as an aspect of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) which also includes other psychological and physical aspects of indoor life asides the indoor air quality of a building. Hence, occupants of a home or building have to improve the indoor air quality of their homes so as to ensure a well ventilated building for them to live in. in order to this, the services of professionals that are skilled and experts in the art of indoor air quality. These professionals are regarded as indoor air quality specialists and they work for indoor air quality companies.


Indoor air quality specialists are dedicated solve and prevent indoor environmental problems for clients and the public. These specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the art of indoor air quality. They help solve every problem attached to air in a building. There are situations whereby the atmosphere of a home is polluted as a result of the actions of air pollutants like smoke. These pollutants are very disastrous to the health of occupants of a home as the lungs are badly affected. This results into difficulty in breathing and could later on lead to the loss of life of such person. To curb this, indoor air quality specialists would help eliminate every air pollutant in the home and make the home very comfortable and suitable for occupants of that home to live in.

Indoor air quality solutions help to test, inspect and remove pollutants from a home. Occupants of a home are able to breathe well with ease as the air which fills the home is healthy. Indoor air quality solutions are of the belief that everybody has a right to healthy air and clean environment. Hence, they provide long lasting solutions to every problem that would hinder the circulation of healthy air in a home.


Asides homes, indoor air quality specialists offer their services to offices, churches, schools etc. No matter the building, as long as people visit and stay in the building, they are ready to offer their services.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions help to test, inspect and remove pollutants from a home. See reliable Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

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