British chef Keith Floyd dies at age 65

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

British chef Keith Floyd has died at the age of 65 after a heart attack in Dorset, England.

Keith Floyd was best known for his cookery programmes, particularly on British television channel BBC, although he has also featured on shows on ITV. He was arguably most popular for his Floyd on series, with shows like Floyd on Food, Floyd on Spain, Floyd on Italy etc. He also presented Floyd on GMTV in 1998. Keith had been presenting programmes from 1984 to 2001.

On July 29, it was reported that Floyd had been diagnosed with bowel cancer in June. After undergoing five serious operations, 90% of the cancer was removed. He later had chemotherapy. He died on Monday of a heart attack in his partner’s house in Dorset, England.

Famous chefs around the world have been expressing their sadness for his death and made comments about him to British newspaper, The Guardian. Among them was Rick Stein, who said, “I first met Keith in the early 80s. He used to come to the restaurant regularly and knew Padstow well because his first wife came from Port Isaac. At a time when I was experimenting with Provençal dishes like Bouillabaisse and Bourride he was a Gauloise-smoking, red wine drinking hero who had actually owned a restaurant next to the Mediterranean. One thing was certain — he cooked like a dream and loved food and wine with a passion.”

Other cooks such as Michel Roux, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Heston Blumenthal expressed condolences. Gordon Ramsay stated, “Keith Floyd was a true original. A natural performer and a superb cook, he broke new ground with his programmes and his contribution to television cookery was immense.”

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Marco Pierre White stated that, “A little piece of Britain died yesterday which will never be replaced. He was an individual, he was a maverick, he was mercurial, he was magical, he was special, he was rare.”

Keith Floyd died on September 14, the same day a documentary was broadcast on Channel 4 called Keith Meets Keith, which featured comedian Keith Allen interviewing Keith Floyd. It emerged that his death was just a few hours beforehand, however the information was unknown at the time of broadcast.

Celia Martin, who was staying with Floyd at the time of his death, gave an interview with London local newspaper Evening Standard.

“When we got home he had a siesta and got up feeling a bit headachy. We had both eaten a lot so I put it down to that. He laid down on the sofa and I thought he went to sleep. Then suddenly his breathing became erratic,” Martin said. “I phoned for an ambulance and the operator gave me instructions on how to help him. He didn’t say anything at all. The ambulance people were here for about an hour. They thought there was a chance they could save him. It was so bizarre, we were sitting down to watch the documentary at 10pm but by that time he had died.”

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Earthquake, tsunami combo caused devastation in Pichilemu, Chile

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pichilemu, Chile – Last Saturday, Chile was hit by a 8.8 earthquake. Many coastal towns were also hit by a tsunami, and Pichilemu was one of them. Its inhabitants were surprised by the giant waves that destroyed the most of the costanera and that reached the city square.

Pichilemu, that means in Mapudungun language small forest, is one of the most famous Chilean resort towns in the central zone of Chile. It is recurrently visited by surfers from all the world, because the Punta de Lobos beach is considered one of the best for surf practice worldwide.

Central Pichilemu was not severely damaged by the earthquake, but the tsunami caused significant destruction. The Fishermen Creek, located in front of the beach, was completely destroyed, and its machines are now unusable. Most of the Agustín Ross architecture that characterized the city, three of them being National Monuments of Chile, were damaged. The Agustín Ross Mirador, a famous location in front of the beach, located less than 200 meters from the Fisherman Creek, was completely destroyed. Its famous balustrades were washed away or thrown asunder. Many restaurants, kiosks and a circus were affected by the tsunami.

The rural parts of Pichilemu, like Ciruelos, Rodeillo and Espinillo feature houses constructed from adobe. Many were more than 100-years old, and were destroyed or are now uninhabitable.

The most powerful aftershock was produced almost 40 kilometers in front of the coast of Pichilemu, at the 03:10 local time (07:10 UTC) in March 2, with an intensity of 5.5 in the Richter scale, according to the USGS.

The Intendant of the O’Higgins Region, Juan Núñez, had a meeting with the Governor of the Cardenal Caro Province, Loreto Puebla, the Mayor of Pichilemu, Roberto Córdova, and naval and military authorities, juntas de vecinos representatives. They decided to leave the Carabineros police force to maintain the security of the city.

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The Arturo Prat square was severely damaged by the earthquake and later by the tsunami. In the left picture, can be seen some kiosks, all of them were destroyed, as can be seen on the right picture.Image: Diego Grez.

A boat that was originally in front of the Fisherman Creek of Pichilemu, was thrown almost a block away by the powerful tsunami that hit Chile last Saturday.Image: Diego Grez.

A fair was located in front of the beach, called Feria Internacional Artesanal, where Peruvian and Chilean craftsman were selling their crafts. All of their premises were destroyed, and later looted by the people that were passing by the costanera.Image: Diego Grez.

This is how looked the Agustín Ross ‘Mirador’ (balcony) in the past. Image: Diego Grez.
The Famous Agustín Ross balcony (mirador), before and after the earthquake and tsunami.Image: Diego Grez.

A strong aftershock was originated around Pichilemu, in March 5, 2010, at 12:34:32 AM at epicenter (03:34:32 AM UTC).Image: USGS.

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Ozzy Osbourne’s personal possessions fetch $800,000 for charity

Sunday, December 2, 2007

American heavy metal performer Ozzy Osbourne, who became famous as the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath and later as a solo act, has raised more than US$800,000 for The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, founded by his spouse Sharon Osbourne at the Cedars Sinai Hospital, by auctioning off personal items.

A number of the items that he auctioned off over the two day period have been seen on his reality TV show The Osbournes, which featured home life with Sharon, Ozzy and their two children. Amongst some of the higher-priced items were a carved walnut Victorian-style custom built pool table which raised $11,250, a painting from Edourad Drouot which fetched $10,500, a pair of Ozzy’s famous round glasses which raised $5,250 and a dog bed given to Sharon by Elton John which sold for $2,375.

Some more famous items were also amongst the 500 lots offered. Ozzy’s black satin coat, complete with bat-wing cape, raised $3,300 and a hand-painted floral cup used regularly on The Osbournes made $1,625. A bronze plaque of a demon’s head that was regularly seen in its position adorning the front door of their house had been expected to go for $800 to $1,200instead raised $8,750. A wire model of the Eiffel Tower from on the kitchen table sold for $10,000, while skull-covered trainers Ozzy had worn reached $2,625. Bidders came from as far away as Germany to buy what they could from his mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

However, three cars included in the auction failed to attract bidders and did not sell. They were a 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, estimated at $160,000 to $180,000, a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V sedan estimated at $30,000 to $40,000 and a 1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88 Club Coupe previously owned by author Danielle Steel estimated at $40,000 to $50,000. Sharon had earlier said of the cars “We’re not great car people. They really don’t do a lot for us.

Darren Julien, president of Julien’s Auctions, which organised the two-day sale, said “It did very well. It raised some good money for a very worthy cause.”

“For a celebrity garage sale, it was pretty spectacular.,” he went on. He also commented on the fact that there was fierce competition for the many artworks included. “We had Ozzy fans bidding against these sophisticated fine art buyers, which you don’t see every day. For the most part the metalheads were outbidding the art crowd.”

Ten Secrets For Keeping Your Bulk Guitar Strings Fresh}

Submitted by: Jimpe Bilascus

Ten Secrets For Keeping Your Guitar Strings Fresh

Welcome to BulkGuitarStrings.coms article and video on professional guitar tips to always sound fresh when it comes to playing your guitar after restringing.

1. Bulk Guitar Strings and Temperature

Store sets of fresh strings in in a cool place to preserve their quality before you restring. Remember not to leave them on the dashboard of your tour bus as the heat will slightly damage them!

2. Guitar Cleaning Products

Use a variety of chemical solutions and guitar specific products specific to your guitar to ensure the freshest experience for your guitar strings. By using professional grade products, you will be able to service your guitar appropriately.

3. Fretboard Polishing

Polish your fretboard to ensure your strings are always clean when they are restrung. By using the previously mentioned products, you will be able to prevent your strings from becoming dirty due to the dirt and sweat that is stained onto your fretboard.

4. Trim Your Guitar Strings

Trim your strings for maximum tonal definition and enhanced freshness. Some prefer not to do this, yet the length of the string will detract from your tonal quality simply because it relies on a consistent vibration.

5. Perform Wisely

Perform with fresh strings and play harder to enhance your sound, but play softly if you are practicing to extend the life of your strings. Different guitar techniques will affect your strings more than others, see which technique you find ruins your fresh strings the fastest and leave a comment below.

6. Tune Automatically

Tune quickly and efficiently with an electric tuning tool to ensure your strings arent accidentally damaged during your restringing process. Using professional tools and products are essential to achieving success with a long-lasting fresh set of guitar strings.

7. Maintain Your Guitar String Action

Maintain your guitars string height (also known as the action) so that it isnt too high or too low, resulting in dead strings.

8. Find The Right Set of Strings

Always match string gauge sizes to the intonation, tuning and playing style to maintain fresh strings.

9. Buy Bulk Guitar Strings

You can buy multiple sets of strings at a time to lower the cost of each restring you perform.

10. Become a Reseller of Fresh Strings

Purchase bulk guitar string ssets of 10 or 25 and resell your strings to make a profit out of your consistently fresh tone.

Thank You, from Bulk Guitar Strings .com

I hope you enjoyed our tips to keep your strings fresh. If you havent watched our video on our website, you may thoroughly enjoy my nephews narration as he recently had a thyroid infection. Although it is a sad circumstance, his lust for life and his newly found love for narration may inspire you to write the next great tune on your acoustic guitar! I do hope this article inspires you to view our website at for all of your wholesale and bulk guitar string needs.

We offer a comparison between bulk guitar strings in terms of quantity and price. So remember, when youre looking to sound fresh, stock up on your musical instrument supplies at where you can save up to 300% compared to retail outlets.

About the Author: I am Jimpe, the owner and operator of

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Vicki Gunn, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vicki Gunn is running for the Family Coalition Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

Latest trial of the One Laptop Per Child running in India; Uruguay orders 100,000 machines

Thursday, November 8, 2007

India is the latest of the countries where the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) experiment has started. Children from the village of Khairat were given the opportunity to learn how to use the XO laptop. During the last year XO was distributed to children from Arahuay in Peru, Ban Samkha in Thailand, Cardal in Uruguay and Galadima in Nigeria. The OLPC team are, in their reports on the startup of the trials, delighted with how the laptop has improved access to information and ability to carry out educational activities. Thailand’s The Nation has praised the project, describing the children as “enthusiastic” and keen to attend school with their laptops.

Recent good news for the project sees Uruguay having ordered 100,000 of the machines which are to be given to children aged six to twelve. Should all go according to plan a further 300,000 machines will be purchased by 2009 to give one to every child in the country. As the first to order, Uruguay chose the OLPC XO laptop over its rival from Intel, the Classmate PC. In parallel with the delivery of the laptops network connectivity will be provided to schools involved in the project.

The remainder of this article is based on Carla G. Munroy’s Khairat Chronicle, which is available from the OLPC Wiki. Additional sources are listed at the end.


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  • 2 Khairat
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  • 5 The teacher
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  • 7 The students
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  • 9 Parents’ meetings
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Wet Carpet Wall To Wall}

Wet Carpet – Wall-To-Wall


Jacklyn Hartfield

YouTube Preview Image

If you have had to deal with wet carpet that was wall-to-wall, then we know just how touch this can be. The truth is that if wet carpet is involved, it can never be fun. The process of drying wet carpet can be long and hard. There is no doubt that wet carpet drying can take weeks and this is not good. We tell you this is not good because if you do not dry your wet carpet the right way, mildew could form and the room could start to stink. Wet carpet is never fun to deal with but if you are dealing to wet carpet that is wall-to-wall, then this is a disaster.

The problem of wet carpet that is wall-to-wall is different because of the size. If the wet carpet was only in a little area, in the corner of your room, then this could be a lot easier to take care of. The truth is that wall-to-wall wet carpet is really hard to deal with because this means your entire carpet is wet. Not only is the carpet in your living room wet, but you also have wet carpet in your bedrooms and guestroom. When it comes to wet carpet, you may want to call a rug cleaner. If you do not want to get new carpet because the carpet you have right now is extremely expensive then you still may be able to save it.

When you call the rug cleaner, if he or she is able to pick up the carpet then they may be able to take it to their plant. When the rug cleaner takes your carpet to the plant, they will be able to give it a nice cleaning and then dry it. In many situations, you should keep in mind that the carpet could shrink which would cause the carpet to have to be stretched back into place. If the water did not damage the back on your carpet, then they will use a power stretcher in order to stretch your carpet the right way.

If the carpet is not able to be removed from your home, then there will be a efforts to remove as much of the water as the carpet cleaning company can. The carpet cleaning company will be able to use vacuums. You may not know this, but vacuums are known for removing water from wet carpet. When it comes to vacuuming water out of wet carpet, you will find many companies in the cities from rental companies using this technique. If you are looking to get the water out of your wet carpet, then you could rent hot water extraction units. These units can be rented in different establishments and they are known to have a vacuum on the unit that can take the water out of your wet carpet. If you do not want to rent one of these units, then you could hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Keep in mind that you could be paying more for the carpet cleaning service, but this is a good method to use if you are not able to dry your wet carpet by yourself.

Jacklyn Hartfield shares info on flooding and fire for

Connecticut Wet Carpet Drying


Greenwich, CT carpet drying service

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Desmond Tutu calls for election of African pope

NB this story is also covered in the article Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for African Pope.Monday, April 4, 2005 Retired Anglican Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu has called for the Catholic church to appoint an African as new pope. “We hope the cardinals when they meet will follow the first non-Italian pope by electing the first African pope,” said Tutu on SABC TV at a press conference in his Cape Town home.

Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, currently number four in the church hierarchy, is seen as the best hope for a pope from the third world. If Arinze is elected he will become the first African pope since Gelasius I in 496 AD.

“There should be democracy in the Catholic Church. Europeans should allow an African to become the next pope,” said 21 year old Nigerian student, Ifeoma Ezinwa, at the Saint Monica Catholic Church in Igbogbo, Lagos. “The church is growing in Africa. If Arinze gets to that position, he would work for its faster growth,” she continued.

However Steve Uwagba, a Nigerian accountant, thought that “International politics in the church may not allow him to get the papal seat. The odds of international politics and conspiracy against Africa weigh heavily against him.”

Tutu also added that “We know that [the pope] was a champion for world peace. And more than any other pope [he] went around the world galvanizing the faithful who turned out in droves to meet him. We also want to pay tribute to him for his concern for the unity of humankind. He was the first Pope, I think, to gather together … leaders of other Christian denominations, calling them to prayer for the world,”

The archbishop of Cape Town Njongonkulu Ndungane – Tutu’s successor – offered his condolences to the world’s catholics. “Our sincerest condolences go out to Catholics worldwide on the death of their great leader. We thank God for his ministry and that he has now been relieved from pain,”

Father Stephen Chukwu of St Augustine’s church in Ikorodu on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria said to a congregation of three thousand, “The whole world is standing still. People are held spellbound because the mighty has fallen. The whole church mourns because a leader and a revolutionary has gone,” he told the crowd, many of whom wept and sobbed.

“Who would ever believe that a pope could come from outside Rome? He was an ideal man and he led an ideal life. He held tenaciously to the teachings of the Apostles. He was against killing and abortion,” he declared. He was not a friend of the wealthy or the mighty. He was a friend of those in the gutters. He preached and fought for democracy.

After mass Mary Okoli, a 42 year old teacher said “My hope and prayer is that we get an African, especially a Nigerian, to replace him and continue his good work,” “We are particularly grateful for the attention he paid to Africa and the developing world during his papacy. His concern for the poor marked him as a truly caring leader and we share the grief and loss of the Catholic Church at his passing. We also pray for the Catholic Church as it contemplates the election of the next Vicar of Christ,” he said in a statement.