BDSM as business: Interviews with Dominatrixes

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whether the Civil War, World War II or the Iraq War, it can be challenging to face how conflict penetrates the psyche of a nation and surfaces in the nuances of life. There are thousands—if not millions—of individuals who indulge in fantasies others would deem perverse that have their nascence in some of the darkest moments of human history. It is possible someone you know pays a person to dress like a German Nazi to treat them like a “dirty Jew”, or to force them to pick cotton off the floor like a slave.

An S&M dungeon is a place where these individuals act out such taboos. Businesses that operate to meet their needs are often hidden, but they do exist and are typically legal. The clients want to remain confidential for fear of ostracism in their respective communities. As Sigmund Freud wrote, “Anyone who has violated a taboo becomes taboo himself because he possesses the dangerous quality of tempting others to follow his example.”

Last week Wikinews published the first in a two part series on the BDSM business: an interview with Bill & Rebecca, the owners of Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber. This week we publish the second part: an interview with three dungeon employees, Mistress Alex, Mistress Jada and Mistress Veronica. In their world, BDSM is a game, a harmless pursuit of roleplaying exercises that satiate the desires of the tabooed. These Dominatrixes are the kind of women men fantasize about, but they all look like they could be babysitting your children this Saturday night. Most likely, they will not be.

Mistress Alex has a distinctive sheen when David Shankbone walks into the room. Her moist skin cools quickly from the blow of the air conditioner she stands in front of. Just having finished an hour and a half session, she is dressed in a latex one-piece skirt and matching boots. Mistress Jada, a shapely Latina dressed in red, joins the conversation and remains throughout. When Alex needs to tend to a client, Mistress Veronica, who looks like she would be as comfortable teaching kindergarten as she would “tanning a man’s hide”, takes over for her.

The interview was neither sensational nor typical, but what you read may surprise, repulse, or even awaken feelings you never knew you had. Below is David Shankbone’s interview with three Dominatrixes.


  • 1 Starting out
  • 2 What they get asked to do
  • 3 The psychology of S&M
  • 4 Psychological challenges
  • 5 Psychology II
  • 6 Comfort levels in the sessions
  • 7 Advice for those who want to be a Mistress
  • 8 Strange requests
  • 9 What they discover in themselves
  • 10 Boundaries
  • 11 BDSM Culture
  • 12 Dating for Dominatrixes
  • 13 Related interviews
  • 14 Sources
  • 15 External links

Hundreds of victims still unidentified three months after Typhoon Frank

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Typhoon Frank stormed across the Philippine Sea June 21, 2008 capsizing numerous boats, killing hundreds and leaving an estimated 1,330 missing in total including 820 passengers and crew from the MV Princess of the Stars ferry.

Since then Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) teams in Cebu City, Philippines made up of experts from the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP). and INTERPOL have painstakingly matched DNA from recovered bodies to that of blood samples donated by relatives of those still missing.

“The 23,000-ton vessel was also carrying tens of thousands of pounds of commercial insecticide and many bodies still remain trapped inside the wreckage” according to a recent press release from the ICMP.

“With fingerprint identification out of the question for most of the victims, and dental records not available, this leaves only DNA as a means of identification, with samples from recovered victims matched to those provided by the missing passengers’ relatives.”

An NBI-DVI report explains “DNA matches are made by comparing profiles from victims to a database of profiles from their relatives. A minimum of two close relatives [are] sought for each individual.”

NBI-DVI has so far collected 1,916 blood samples from relatives of missing victims representing 809 missing persons. These samples are then matched against the 318 DNA samples from recovered bodies received by the ICMP.

“Almost three months have passed since our country was struck by one of the worst typhoons in memory, with ‘Frank’ causing the sinking of the Princess of the Stars with hundreds of passengers and crew on board,” said NBI Director Nestor M. Mantaring in the press release.

“The NBI, through its DVI team, was tasked [with identifying] the victims of this tragedy. With help from INTERPOL and the ICMP, we have reached the 100th DNA-matched result which led to the identification and release of the bodies to their respective families.

“We are committed to doing this until the last possible victim is identified and returned to their family,” he concluded.

State of emergency declared in New York over H1N1 swine flu virus

Thursday, October 29, 2009

According to US health officials, New York state governor David Paterson has declared a state of emergency in the state as a result of the H1N1 swine flu outbreak.

The Associated Press news agency reports that the six-page declaration was issued because at least 75 people have died of H1N1 related illnesses in New York since April. Three have died from H1N1 related illnesses just this past week. The declaration also says that human cases of the virus are on the rise.

Paterson says he issued the declaration because “a disaster has occurred throughout New York State, for which the affected local governments are unable to respond adequately.”

The declaration will allow health officials more access to the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot. It will also allow for an increase in the number of vaccine doses available in the state and will allow more health care facilities to administer the vaccine, including dentists and pharmacists. Schools with health centers will also be allowed to administer both vaccines.

Despite the declaration, officials stressed that there is no reason to worry. A spokeswoman for the New York State Department of Health, Claire Pospisil, said that “it [the declaration] helps us to be more prepared.”

The order came shortly after US president Barack Obama declared a national emergency last Saturday, a response to the spreading of the virus, which has now been circulated in 46 states.

Orthodontics Are Specialised In Variety Of Issues Related To Dentistry}

Orthodontics are specialised in variety of issues related to dentistry



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In order to ensure that jaws and teeth of a person work in tandem, so that the patient can bite, speak, and chew effectively and comfortably, Rochester orthodontics are specialized in variety of issues related to dentistry. Thus, jaw bones are corrected by the orthodontist so as to allow perfect teeth positioning in a straight line, thereby facial irregularities can be corrected. This is necessary when the shape of the jaw and teeth is odd. Crowded, crooked, and teeth that protrudes, cleft palate, teeth having a lot of space, cleft palate, and other teeth irregularities are included among some of the that asks for the attention of an orthodontist. They are specialized persons who offer a comprehensive treatment to get the teeth in perfect order once again so that a person can flash a winning smile.

The orthodontists need to have proper qualification to offer these treatments to a person. Besides proper qualification, they also need to undergo a rigorous training for minimum two to three years to get a hang of the job. They also have to undergo a doctoral program. All this training ensures that they are ready for the job. Since this is a specialized field, one cannot take any risk with an orthodontist who is not suitably trained. With technological advancements, certain new techniques are being used in the treatment. It is imperative for the orthodontists to keep them abreast of such new techniques so that they are able to offer best services to their patients.

Teeth are an important asset of any person. It helps in giving a stunning smile that light up a face. If a person has crooked teeth or any other irregularity, it will lower his or her confidence to a considerable extent. This is the reason more and more people are going for orthodontic treatment. Kids also suffer from various teeth related irregularities and they start with this treatment at a very tender age. A right age to begin this treatment has been offered by the American Association of Orthodontics. At any age this treatment can now be given. There are some dental problems that come to notice when a kid is quite young hence it becomes easier to treat the same.

Not only youngsters but adults are also going for this effective treatment that brings a person out of his shell who had become introvert or shy because of his misaligned teeth. As age allows, suitable orthodontic treatment is meted out to an individual. A gorgeous smile simply makes one’s day and to get this smile, people are ready to go to any length. Today, children start as early as possible to ensure that they sport a stunning smile.

Sometimes the teeth are so closely spaced or overlap each other that it becomes difficult to clean them. As such, maintaining dental hygiene becomes difficult. If the hygiene is not taken care of, it further aggravates the situation and leads to other serious dental problems. Rochester Orthodontist understands their job well and offer excellent services to eradicate any problem people may be suffering in case of their teeth. To gain a beautiful smile, beside getting a treatment done, it is also important to brush and floss teeth regularly.

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