Shop For Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheets And Save!

Shop for Bombay Dyeing bed sheets and save!



It is all right to do without expensive wall hangings, paintings, furnishings and home decor items, etc but it is difficult to not select some comfortable double bed sheets, cushions and pillows to make your bed both attractive and more comfortable. A great way is to buy cushions online that are most exclusive and also select top quality Bombay Dyeing bed sheets that lend all the aesthetics and class that you have been looking for at discounts ranging from 13% to 37% on original price. The best thing about these double bed sheets, cushions and pillows covers is that they can be ordered for online at a button s click.

You can get a view of the Bombay dyeing bed sheets images, their prints, colors, prices, size, etc at the Bombay Dyeing websites online. The latest Bombay Dyeing bed sheets with price that is most attractive and the best of discounts can be availed in various designs, colours and styles on the internet. Bombay Dyeing is one double bed sheet and single bed sheet brand that doesn t require any introduction at all basically, since the name is extremely popular not only in India but different parts of the globe as well. While considering Bombay Dyeing bed sheets online shopping you can feel assured of making a safe bet.

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If you are looking for value for money, quality, comfort, luxury and brand then the Sanganeri print bed sheets are also the right choice. Bombay dyeing bedsheets in singles and also the double bed sheets have been introduced in the most eye catching colours and rich designs between price ranges of Rs.629 to Rs.1999 for a set of two bed sheets with pillow covers. If you are looking for lasting quality then Bombay Dyeing bedsheets are the best to consider. In fact a number of generations have already used them and the present generation too finds it extremely hard to resist using them.

The same kind of luxury is still being offered by the Bombay Dyeing bed sheets online and pillow cases even today. Whims and fancies of the customer have been kept in mind while designing the cotton bed sheets. To enhance the look of your bedroom further you can opt for a nice new sofa with attractive cushions and pillows. A sofa is a onetime purchase for at least a few years so make sure you get a perfect one that suits well within whatever you have expected from the sofa.

To select the right sofa and buy cushions online India you will need to keep in mind the family members, kids, pets, budget, space, the material used in its making, brand, price, d cor of the room, etc. The new sofa set should match the interior d cor well. Accordingly suitable cushions covers with ribbon work on cushions will also need to be purchased to enhance the look of the sofa. Room size, the existing furniture in the bedroom, room, color of the walls, etc are important to consider while purchasing wooden couches with cushions. A range of cushions for wooden sofa as well as sofas will be available and will look good at the showroom but after bringing it home it should also match its surroundings as well.

When browsing through

Bombay dyeing bed sheets images

, keep in mind the colour palette of the room. The colour of any

wooden couches with cushions

, your curtains and rugs will play an important role in choosing the right bed sheet for the room for added aesthetic appeal.

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British serial killer jailed for three prostitute murders

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 

A British serial killer has yesterday entered guilty pleas to all three counts of murder he faced. Stephen Griffiths, 40, who attracted tabloid attention by calling himself the “Crossbow Cannibal”, killed the prostitutes in his flat in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Griffiths, a former van driver with a degree in psychology and studying for a PhD in criminology, was caught when police were alerted to a murder caught on CCTV. A caretaker, reviewing footage from the building where Griffiths’s flat is, saw Suzanne Blamires, 36, and Griffiths enter the flat. Two minutes later, she ran out and he followed, beating her to the ground and shooting her in the head with a crossbow. He raised his crossbow above his head for the CCTV, then dragged the body away. Returning with a drink, he raised the can and one finger to the camera.

Over the course of a weekend, he was seen several times with bin bags and a rucksack. After Griffiths was arrested by armed police on May 24, her dismembered remains were found floating the the River Ayre near Shipley; her head was in a rucksack and it was yesterday revealed a crossbow bolt and broken knife were embedded in it. Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, said she was in 81 pieces.

Smith added that Griffiths confessed to killing her and cutting her up by hand; he had previously used power tools on his victims. Shelley Armitage, 31, had been missing since April when police charged Griffiths; a piece of spine in the River Ayre was later identified as hers. Also found by the river was a suitcase containing knives and saws.

It was yesterday revealed her murder was also on video. Griffiths recorded the act on his mobile, which he then lost on a train. Its finder sold it on twice before police retrieved it, but the footage remained. Armitage is seen hogtied on cushions, the words “My Sex Slave” spray-painted in black on her back. She is also seen dead and naked in his bathtub. “I am Ven Pariah, I am the Bloodbath Artist,” Griffiths said as part of a commentary to the video. “Here’s a model who is assisting me.”

The third murder – that of Susan Rushworth, 43 – dates back to June last year, when she vanished. Although police believe she was killed with a hammer and Griffiths has spoken of the death, no remains were ever found and the only physical evidence was one bloodstain in her killer’s flat. Police found evidence he tried to clean up, with bathroom tiles removed and carpets lifted.

“It was just a slaughterhouse in the bathtub,” he told police at interview. He later confessed to police that “I, or part of me, is responsible for killing Susan Rushworth, Shelley Armitage and Suzanne Blamires, who I know as Amber.” Two crossbows, crossbow bolts, and serial killer literature were seized from his flat.

The day before the final murder, Griffiths wrote on MySpace, using the Ven Pariah pseudonym, he had “finally emerged into the world.” He continued: “What will this pseudo-human do, one wonders. Poor Stephen, pretended to be me, but he was only the wrapping. He knew towards the end, that I supplied the inner core of iron. Hatred Bound Tightly In Flesh. At very long last, the time has come to act out.” He would later tell officers he was having a mental “civil war”.

He told the magistrates’ court on his first appearance his name was “The Crossbow Cannibal.” Yesterday, he was asked at Leeds Crown Court merely to confirm his name, answering “yes”. Each murder charge was read to him, and he answered “guilty” to each. Five security guards flanked him. He has also called himself the SF killer. Although he claimed to have boiled and eaten flesh from the first two victims and eaten the third raw, police could not verify this. The Telegraph says the suspect he invented it to increase his fame, but News Limited quotes Sky News as claiming police believed his cannibalistic claims.

Mr Justice Openshaw, the judge, yesterday called Griffiths “wicked and monstrous.” He told the court the killer’s mental health had been investigated and there is “no question that he [i]s fit to plead.” He gave Griffiths the whole life tariff, meaning he will never be released.

Griffiths has attempted suicide while in prison awaiting trial, and police have not yet established if he killed three more women, as he told officers his count stood at six.

At the time Griffiths was charged, Nicky Blamires, 54, has told the press her daughter Suzanne was a “much-loved” family member even though she “went down the wrong path and did not have the life she was meant to have.” “Nobody deserves this,” she said. “All these girls were human beings and people’s daughters.”

Griffiths was known as “the lizard man” in his block of flats owing to his habit of walking his two pet monitor lizards in the area. One neighbour is reported to have quoted him as saying he was studying for “a PhD in murder and Jack the Ripper,” and he has spent time in a high-security psychiatric hospital.

British media was quick to compare the case to Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper”. Sutcliffe was a Bradford killer responsible for thirteen murders and seven attempted murders, including several prostitutes. Since his 1981 conviction he has spent most of the last three decades in Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital near London.

Gunman commits suicide at University of Texas

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 

A man wearing a ski mask and carrying an assault rifle apparently killed himself in the library of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas earlier today.

The university was placed under lockdown and all classes were canceled as a result of the incident. Nobody else was hurt, but police are still looking for a possible second gunman. Art Acevedo, the chief of Austin police, said that officials are also considering the possibility of explosives left by the suspect. Armored vehicles were seen moving around the campus in response to the event, as well as {{w|SWAT team|SWAT teams}, bomb-sniffing dogs, and police helicopters. An ambulance was seen around 9:00 a.m. CDT (1400 UTC) at the University of Texas’ Perry-Castaneda library.

The school’s website included a notice this morning, which read: “The person involved in this morning’s shooting on campus has been confirmed dead on the sixth floor of the Perry-Castaneda Library from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Law enforcement are searching for a second suspect. If you are off campus, STAY AWAY. If you are on campus, lock doors, do not leave your building.” The gunman was reportedly killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and no shots had been fired by law enforcement officials.

The shooter has not yet been identified, and the reason behind the incident is not yet known. Witnesses described the man as wearing a dark suit and ski mask, and carrying an assault rifle. Randall Wilhite, a professor at the university, said that he heard gunshots while going to class and saw the suspect heading toward the library just after 8:00 a.m. CDT (1300 UTC). The gunman appeared to be firing shots randomly. “When I pulled up in my car, he stood right in front of me and didn’t stop running but turned in my direction, fired three shots into the ground to the left of my car and kept running,” said Wilhite. The gunman had the chance to shoot students, added Wilhite, but he did not appear to be targeting them.

The school, which has around 50,000 students, sent out an alert around that time warning students to stay where they were. Robby Reeb, a senior at the school, said that “a guy sprinted past me screaming, ‘There’s a guy with a gun.’ I looked up and saw a man in a ski mask, wearing a suit, and carrying an assault rifle. And I called 911.”

Police said that the gun used in the shooting was an AK-47, and that they were examining two different crime scenes: where the shots were fired outside, and where the gunman was found dead in the library. Police would not say whether he was attending the university. Chief Acevado said that there were “reports of a second suspect that was wearing a beanie with a long rifle, wearing blue jeans and a black top” that “may or may not be a white male.”

Several hours after the lockdown began, police allowed students to leave the university’s campus, although nobody is still allowed to enter.

The school was also the site of a shooting spree on August 1, 1966, in which university student Charles Whitman fatally shot fourteen to sixteen people and wounded another 32 before being himself killed by law enforcement authorities; reports of the exact death toll are inconsistent. Whitman, a former U.S. Marine, shot students from the observation platform of the school’s tower. That event was the deadliest school shooting in the United States until the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

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The Influential Film Directors: Martin Scorsese

The Influential Film Directors: Martin Scorsese



Martin Scorsese is single of the nearly everyone widely acclaimed directors in the in one piece film industry. He is an American director with the aim of has worked on a vast quantity of decoration winning films, recipient to a quantity of awards and single of the founders of the World Cinema Foundation, a non-profit organization with the aim of aims to preserve and bring back the illumination on humankind cinema.

With the quantity of films and acclaims with the aim of the director has traditional all through his career, it is very grueling to pinpoint his top exert yourself. Unlike many directors in the industry who walk off through dry spells and periods of rebuff productivity, Martin Scorsese exactly kept back making single bump into later than one more. For many film enthusiasts, a top favorite Scorsese exert yourself would probably be the Raging Bull starred by the equally award-winning Robert de Niro. The film was released in the 1980’s and told of the life story of middleweight rebel Jake La Motta. The exert yourself was dubbed as the maximum film of the 1980’s by Sight and Sound Magazine, the representative pamphlet of the prestigious British Film Institute.

The film was in point of fact brought into Scorsese’s board by actor Robert De Niro who presently on became the front actor of the film. Although hesitant with the section by the side of head, the director presently came to bond with the central influence boxer’s life story. The film was in addition starred by Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty and Nicholas Colasanto. Although the film garnered sundry reviews throughout its first appearance in December 1980, it presently on on track to pick up up light and recognition amid top film critics.

YouTube Preview Image

Raging Bull in addition made it gigantic in the Oscars as it took land of your birth 8 awards which integrated Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director Award – Scorsese’s head. The film was in addition considered to be Robert De Niro’s nearly everyone brilliant exert yourself as well. The actor went to absolute heights changing his look, in point of fact ahead influence in favor of the survive partly of the film. Robert De Niro presently on became single of the nearby and nearly everyone frequent actors with the aim of collaborated with Scorsese.

Aside from the brilliant acting, many film experts in addition attributed the movies winner to the way the film was made itself. The film was made with an extreme smartness of expressionism, making assistance of decelerate suggestion shots and the constant distortions of perspective. The film was considered to be the very head to capture the real prosecution, brutality and art in boxing with sensational, in no way made ahead of shots. The total film was in addition shot in black and white which added more to the intensity and the emotion of the film. This art of film making, later than the film’s let loose became single of the nearly everyone replicated in the film industry.

After the film, Scorsese went on to creating other decoration winning mechanism in favor of on the subsequently three decades. Clothed in 1990, the United States Library of legislative body added the film into the National Film Registry in favor of protection dubbing it as “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”. Clothed in 2001, the American Film Institute in addition integrated the film, in sync with his other exert yourself, Taxi Driver into their register of The Most Heart Pounding Movies in America.

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Talk:Man is waiting for 139 days in front of theater for “Star Wars” movie

Eek. And I thought I was crazy when I waited for 42 days for Episode I, with a group of friends. — IlyaHaykinson 23:36, 16 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Is this really news? Does some sad persons attempt to see a movie really justify being given international attention? (<– comment left by anonymous IP)

The article doesn’t tell you what city he’s in. You have to look at the reference and deduce that if it was reported in the Seattle (Washington, USA) newspaper, he must be in Seattle.

Basic law of journalism: Who, what, when, where and why. The where is definitely missing.

As for the why, well, when I saw it I thought – Wiki news is geeky news. Your readers will probably find this article amusing, because most of them really care about the next Star Wars movie. Even though I don’t, the article doesn’t bother me. Just get all the facts in, please. (<– comment from anonymous IP)

I can get the DVD for this movie at any store that sells DVD’s. What’s up with this guy? Did I miss something?

English actor Christopher Lee dies aged 93

Saturday, June 13, 2015 

Famed English actor, singer and author Sir Christopher Lee died last Sunday morning in London aged 93, after being admitted to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for heart failure and respiratory problems. News of his death only became public on Thursday, as his wife of 54 years, Birgit Krøncke Lee, wished first to inform friends and family.

A spokesman for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea confirmed the issuing of his death certificate.

Lee first rose to prominence in the 1950s starring in Hammer Horror films as the classic movie monsters Dracula and Frankenstein and was more recently seen as Saruman the White in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films as well as portraying the villainous Count Dooku in the Star Wars films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

In 2010 Lee released a heavy metal album titled Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross followed by another metal album in 2013, Charlemagne: The Omens of Death and several collections of Heavy Metal cover songs including A Heavy Metal Christmas, A Heavy Metal Christmas Too and Metal Knight.

In 2008 Lee was knighted for services to drama and charity, and in 2001 received a Bafta Fellowship.

Lee is survived by his wife Birgit and daughter Christina.

Tour de France: Michael Rasmussen wins stage 16

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 

Michael Rasmussen of Denmark has won stage 16 of the 2007 Tour de France in a time of 6h 23′ 21″.

Rasmussen increased his overall lead by 35″ over Alberto Contador of Spain, who finished third.

After a rest day, the riders faced the third-longest, 218.5 km, and arguably the Tour’s hardest, stage. The first challenge was the brutal Port de Larrau (14.7 km climb at 8.1%), which is just 79km into the stage. The race dips into Spain for some 50 kilometres at the summit, the fourth country visited in this year’s Tour. From there, there was little reprieve for the riders, hitting the Alto Laza and the Col de la Pierre St Martin (14.2 km climb at 5.2%) before descending to the start of the difficult, and very steep, first-category Col de Marie-Blanque (9.3 km climb at 7.4%). The riders then climb the infamous Col d’Aubisque (16.7 km climb at 7%), which will reward out-and-out climbing ability and punish the legs of all the major contenders.

The entire Astana Team withdrew from the Tour prior to this stage due to Alexander Vinokourov testing positive for blood doping. Some riders staged a protest against doping at the start.

Another doping scandal hit the Tour today. Cristian Moreni of Italy tested positive for testosterone in a test conducted after Thursday’s stage 11. Moreni was questioned by police. Cofidis team manager Eric Boyer told Reuters: “He accepted his wrongdoing and did not ask for a B-sample.”

Like Astana did, Cofidis has withdrawn its entire team from the Tour. François Migraine, the team president and CEO of the sponsoring insurance company, Cofidis, said: “It’s the only thing to do in such circumstances.”